Writing Prompt: Yelling in the Workplace

Have you ever been yelled at by a boss, or have you ever yelled at a client, customer, or coworker? Describe what sparked you or this person to yell and how did the situation end? Did you learn anything from this experience?

Six Degrees of Writing Prompts

Coming up with new ideas is a challenge most writers face. Six Degrees of Writing Prompts can help any writer, whether you have writer’s block or just want to explore writing on different topics. Each prompt will inspire you with fresh ideas and help you break through the wall of fear that is keeping you from writing. Share your writing with the world, or keep it to yourself. The goal here is to develop your writing into a daily habit.

Some prompts may speak to you more than others. Keep coming back to check out new prompts because you never know what you may find. You may discover that one idea for your next blog post, or that one gem that could be the topic of your next book or chapter. Grab a pen and blank journal, or a laptop or tablet, and get writing again.

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