Write. Innovate. Inspire. Journal

TagIt Journals are the classic black journals that go everywhere. Feel secure having your contact information on the first page in case you ever you misplace your journal. Tag each journal page with the “Page Tag” record keeper in the front. Tag each page with a date, keywords, and/or topic. Numbered pages help you easily reference all your entries.

The TagIt Journal is the only journal you’ll ever need. Use it as your diary, travel journal, everyday notebook, or project planner. Use it for for sketches, designs, and jotting down ideas, writing lyrics, lists, appointments, quotes, and notes. Take it to meetings, conferences, events, workshops, and more. There are no limits.

TagIt Journals come in five paper styles: lined, blank, dotted, squared, (custom) blank/lined. This version has blank/lined pages.

Get the Write. Innovate. Inspire. Journal from TagIt Journals
to help keep you motivated on your next writing project.